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Corporate sustainability isn’t just a business approach at Brandywine. Sustainability is a professional and ethical responsibility—an obligation to fulfill for both our tenants and our environment. As a large owner of Class-A office buildings and multi-family projects, Brandywine Realty Trust has earned a reputation for providing exceptional work environments. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to designing, creating and maintaining office and residential buildings that reflect our uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Green building is a hallmark of our organization – its affect is recognized in every department at Brandywine – from engineering to accounting to the executive ranks. Our responsible building practices demonstrate our ability to meet and exceed market expectations. Here are some of the ways we pursue excellence in corporate sustainability.


At Brandywine, we ensure that we’re achieving our goals by providing our property management team with the latest sustainability trends, technologies and analytics to help increase the efficiency of our buildings.

Did you know that buildings consume ~70% of the electricity load in the U.S.? ENERGY STAR-rated buildings are the most energy efficient buildings in the nation. Buildings that are ENERGY STAR-certified, on average, use 35% less energy and cause 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar non-certified buildings.

Last year, Brandywine was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence Award. This is the EPA’s most prestigious ENERGY STAR Award – it exhibits Brandywine’s long-term commitment to protect the environment and reverse climate change; the award was the result of three consecutive years of achievement.

LEED certifications for our properties recognize best-in-class sustainable building strategies and practices. Some of Brandywine’s Philadelphia LEED certified buildings include: 3020 Market Street, 1900 Market Street, and One & Two Commerce Square (all SILVER), as well as Cira Green and the under-construction FMC Tower at Cira Centre South.

Building green is one of the best strategies for meeting the challenge of climate change because the technology to make substantial reductions in energy and CO2 emissions already exists. The average LEED certified building uses 32% less electricity and saves 350 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Modest investments in energy-saving and other climate-friendly technologies can yield buildings and communities that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthier places to live and work, and that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.



Sustainability is a priority at Brandywine and we strive to illustrate our commitment to the environment outwardly in our communities by continuously hosting regional sustainability events such as eWaste Days, Earth Day events, and sustainability tenant socials.

Responsible transportation and urban mobility are two more cornerstones of Brandywine’s sustainable ethos. Technological innovations are increasingly contributing to our sustainable business goals and help create more walkable, bike-friendly, livable environments. That’s why we partnered with Uber to offer free first rides for new users. We’ve also engaged TransitScreen to spread localized public transportation awareness. And, electric vehicle charging stations, citywide tenant shuttles and private bike-share services can be utilized throughout many properties in our growing portfolio of urban real estate.


Do you have sustainable ideas to share with us? We’d love to hear them! We’re consistently looking toward a more sustainable future in the communities we serve. Please leave your comments below!