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At Brandywine Realty Trust, it’s our mission to anticipate trends, behaviors, and opportunities associated with workplace innovation and technology. Our portfolio accounts for over 1,000 unique tenants in properties throughout the Austin, DC, and Philadelphia marketplaces – so it’s essential that we understand the drivers behind employee wellness in the workplace. Workplace health and wellbeing directly affect human performance, as studies show. At Brandywine’s LEED Silver-certified Commerce Square property in downtown Philadelphia, members of Brandywine’s team acquired Fluidstance Original Handmade Levels® to enhance their stand-up desk experience….


Said Dan Galbally, Leasing Representative:

“I liked my standing desk before I had the Fluidstance, but now I am constantly moving all day long and my body feels better for it. I feel more energized and mentally sharper. I can’t believe I used to sit all day long!”


The Fluidstance Levels are one component of Brandywine’s recently designed loft-styled office space, along with wall-to-wall windows which flood the space with ample natural light, common area touchdown charging stations for employees visiting from other offices, and plenty of other inter-office perks.


In the real estate industry, owners, designers and builders anticipate health and wellness to have an increasingly higher influence on design and construction decisions. Supplemental innovations like Fluidstance are a simple way to add significant value to commercial interiors – by enhancing the workday experience for employees, they provide a tangible return on their investment.

Since the rise of green building, inhabitants of LEED-certified environments have continuously expressed, through statistical feedback, the positive impacts which thoughtfully-designed offices have on employee productivity and human performance.


In the words of Joel Heath, Founder & CEO of Fluidstance:

“Building a movement is at the forefront of our purpose—To Set the World in Motion—and it influences everything from our company’s blog posts to consumer newsletters. The Level® provides our consumers with a tool that they can bring to otherwise-sedentary moments to fight inactivity. We want to make it simpler for people to bring motion into their lives, both within and outside of the workplace.”

Fluidstance in motion

As a progressive real estate organization, we’re thrilled to embrace Fluidstance technology. We hope more employees and tenants “get on board” with us!